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Add Light and Depth to Any Room with Custom Mirrors in Novi, MI and the Surrounding Areas

Mirror Installation & Mounting: Novi, MI | Glass Works - mirror

No matter the style or design, we can tackle any project.

For any household, mirrors can play a significant role in our daily lives. Whether you’re applying makeup, putting in contacts, or exercising, mirrors are a necessity. You could go into any store and pick up a mirror for a few bucks. However, a mirror with a custom design is much more fulfilling. At Glass Works, we create stunning custom glass mirrors for our residential and commercial clients. When designing a mirror, we are sure to reflect your own personal style and complement the décor in the room where the mirror will be placed.

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Mirrors Aren’t Just For The Bathroom

When homeowners think of installing a mirror, they often think of their bathroom vanity. Even though we design custom mirrors for bathrooms, we can design a mirror for any room in your home!

Mirror Installation & Mounting: Novi, MI | Glass Works - livingLiving Room

Placing a mirror in your living room can increase the natural light and create the appearance of a larger space. When one of our customized mirrors are positioned adjacent to a window, it’ll catch the light beautifully and will bounce it throughout the room. Installing a custom mirror is also great for small living rooms as it can give the illusion of a larger space, making your room look more open. 

Mirror Installation & Mounting: Novi, MI | Glass Works - workoutWorkout Rooms

Whether you have a gym or an indoor dance studio, having large mirrors is essential. Installing a mirror can make your workout space much safer. For example, whether you’re stretching or using free weights, you can see what position you’re in when stretching or lifting weights. You need a mirror to see exactly what your body is doing and where it should be when exercising. 

Mirror Installation & Mounting: Novi, MI | Glass Works - closetWalk-in Closets

A large, walk-in closet is exciting by itself, but what can take it to the next level? A large mirror that extends from the floor to the ceiling. Having an oversized mirror in your walk-in closet can make getting ready in the morning a breeze. Not only is it beautiful, but it's practical as well. 

Highly Trained Professionals

At Glass Works, we only employ highly trained professionals to complete the measuring, installation, and cleanup. We pride ourselves on being professional and neat- once the installation is finished, you won’t even know we were there! Our team has the most advanced tools and innovative techniques available in our industry. You can guarantee a beautiful result once we’ve completed your project. 

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